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Funeral Consumers Alliance
of Greater Kansas City

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About Us

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Sorry, but we are not able to provide financial help for individuals in need of death-related services. Charities, churches and county governments sometimes help, however.Residents of Jackson County, Missouri, can call the county counselor’s office (816-881-3355) to seek help with indigent burials or cremations.

Residents of Platte County should call the public administrator’s office, 816-858-2130, and Clay County residents also should call the public administrator’s office, 816-407-3250.

On the Kansas side, Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Johnson Counties generally help only when bodies are unclaimed by family or friends but not when people are seeking financial help to bury or cremate deceased family members or friend

Our Mission

To educate and support individuals and families in making informed decisions about death-related services, consistent with their values and lifestyles.

Our Values

We believe individuals/families have the right to make informed choices concerning funeral/memorial options.

We believe choices made by individuals and families based on their religious, cultural, social-economic background are valid.

We believe commitment to the community is fundamental and focuses us on serving the needs of those around us.

We believe collaboration with other organizations dealing with death/dying issues make us all more sensitive, stronger and effective.

We believe high ethical standards in the funeral industry is a consumer right.

We believe if many people do small parts of our mission, we can be more effective.

We believe consumers can make appropriate decisions without severe financial consequences when they make choices free from vested interests.

We believe price/cost of a funeral/memorial is not a measure of love or respect for the deceased.

We believe individuals/families can make better plans when all parties are involved before necessity arises.


We are a 501(c)(3) organization, operating as a public charity under IRS regulations. We are financed strictly by donations and occasional grants. We have no paid staff. A volunteer board of seven members runs the organization.